Do you, or a loved one, have a special occasion coming up, like a birthday or anniversary? If you don’t know what to give as a gift to the person that has everything, allow us at Party Central Radio to help you. You can hire a DJ for your occasion, or as a gift. The hire can be for you, or, you can send it to someone else for their use. Whichever way you choose, there are a few simple guidelines to help you with your choice:

* Click on the “Donate” button on our website and make your donation.  Please indicate in the message box that your donation is for a DJ Hire.  After your donation is confirmed by PCR Management, they will contact you.   

The cost of a hire is as follows:

30 minutes - $8.              *Approximated 8 songs

One hour hire - $16         *Approximated 15 songs

2 One hour hires - $20 *  *Approximated 30 songs

3 One hour hires - $30 *  *Approximated 45 songs


 *Maximum hire is 1 hour in length at a time

   and only 1 hire per DJ’s time slot.


* When management contacts you to set up your hire there are a few things you will need to do.  You will need  to look at our DJ schedule and see when the DJ of your choice for your hire is scheduled.  Management asks for at least a 1 week notice for your hire.  Management will make the initial contact with the DJ and have them contact you to work out the final details.

* You will need to send your song choices to the DJ no less than 3 days in advance to allow them sufficient  time to get the hire all set up.  There should be no more than 3 songs  by the same artist during any hire of which, only 2 will be played back to back.  Please keep our station’s guidelines in mind where lyrics are concerned as they should be free of excessive profanity.

        * When speaking with your DJ, let them know if you plan on having your event in a Pogo          room, or in our chat room. We encourage you to invite your friends to tune in during your          event, and if you will be in our chat room during your hire, please do invite them to join you          there. Remember, the more the merrier

* If you would like a special banner to be displayed on the Party Central Radio Facebook fan page, let the DJ know and they will make sure we get one made up in time for the event.

* Personal voice clips for your hire are acceptable.  These too would need to be sent to your DJ no less than 3 days in advance for review.  If, for some reason it is determined that the voice clip is unacceptable, your will be advised.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Kiasami at  or

Lola at

and they will be more than happy to answer them.                                                                                         

                     *clicking on email -address will open your mail program or use the DJ Hire Form Button  

PCR is not for profit, but for fun and entertainment only. Donations are used only for operation expenses

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